PRESS (2013)

"Honestly, Warmer Season is [...] one of the best songs I've heard this year. I think [Luce has] totally ascended to another level with this album."
—Amanda Putz, CBC's Bandwidth

"The Ottawa-born Luce has certainly come a long way since she began her musical career in earnest about 10 years ago. Her maturity is apparent on her latest release. Creatures is more reminiscent of Luce’s Neck of the Woods than her live record, which is a throwback to her earlier acoustic work. Creatures has apparent rock influences, but there is still a rootsy appeal to the songs."
—Rachel Hauraney, freelance writer
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PRESS (2012 and earlier)

"I was taken by her voice. Her vocals have a conviction and maturity that you don't often hear in young artists."
— Larry LeBlanc

"'Neck of the Woods'... marks a creative turn for the folk-rock upstart who has been making her name on the city's festival circuit and through regular gigs on roots stages over the past few years."
— Fateema Sayani

"Rock 'n' roll? It's not a phrase previously associated with Luce, the singer of acoustic-based country and folk originals blessed with an old-time feel and supplemented at concerts by the occasional Carter Family cover."
— Allan Wigney

"You may not know her now. But you will. The 20-year-old singer/songwriter pens her own folk rock and alt-country tunes, which draw on an eclectic musical background ranging from classical to pop rock.... Luce's contemporary folk is edged like no other."
— Robin Caudell